May 31, 2014

Ski Slopes and Weed v. Snooki and the NJ Turnpike

This is a bit of a tangent, but, Chris Christie suggests that those in favor of legalizing marijuana in NJ ought to look at just how crappy life is in Colorado. Um, seriously?

NJ's main selling point is that it's close to New York City and has some nice beaches. Our main cities are Trenton, Newark, Camden, and Jersey City, and most people who've visited the state think of the NJ Turnpike, between exits 12 and 15, as our scenic strip, and shows like Jersey Shore as a reflection of our daily life. They're not that wrong. Now, I don't ski, but if legalizing marijuana will turn New Jersey into Colorado, deal me in!   (Link here).

NJ Turnpike

I'm not saying that this is a fair depiction of all of NJ. But I'm riding up and down this strip five days a week, so I can see/touch/taste it in my sleep. On the other hand, there's virtually nowhere in NJ where I can find what follows below. So where would you rather be?

Somewhere in Colorado

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